Devon zoekt een Huurwoning / Appartement / Studio in Delft

Devon zoekt: Een Huurwoning / Appartement / Studio in Delft

  • Huurwoning / Appartement / Studio
  • Min. 7 m2
  • Man
  • 18 Per direct

Good afternoon, my name is Devon Hoftijzer, I'm 17 year old vwo student at Colegio Arubano in Aruba. Here at Aruba, I do handyman work at my house and neighbors, such as painting, wiring, fixing small appliances and more. Whenever I can't fix something I always try to learn of the person who comes to fix it such as electricians and carpenters. Im very passionate about how mechanisms work and want to learn. That is why I am going to be studying a Mechanical Engineering bachelor at TU Delft this year(2024-2025).

It's been my goal to study at the TU Delft university since I was little, and it would be amazing to me if I could live relatively close by while I get used to the new lifestyle and reach my goals. I have been in the Netherlands before and visited TU Delft last year(2023) during a school study trip with my class and loved the university, cities and atmosphere, all of it very organized and pleasant across Holland 🇳🇱.

I would be very grateful to you sir/miss if you would allow me to rent a room that you are providing, so that I can have my first home in the Netherlands.

If you have any more questions about me, I will gladly respond as soon as possible!
Formal and warm greetings from Aruba🇦🇼, Dutch Caribbean island!

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  Man, 17 jaar