Aravind is looking for a Rental Property / Apartment / Room in Delft

Aravind is looking for: A Rental Property / Apartment / Room in Delft

  • Rental Property / Apartment / Room
  • Min. 10 m2
  • Male
  • 20 Immediately

I'm Aravind. I'm a MSc graduate from TU Delft and recently started working :)
I keep the room clean, especially in shared areas. I cook to relieve my stress, occasionally, my food turns out amazing:D and I love sharing my masterpieces with my roommates. I love music and watching movies... But u don't have to worry when in exam periods as I use headphones almost always in my room...unless the rest of the mates want to join in for movie night, which is more fun. I am a calm and sensibly fun person. I like to join in house activities and go for activities once in a while with all of you. And I don't smoke..
Kind Regards,

General information: Aravind
  Male, 28 years old